Tresorit Cloud Service Review; Is it The Best One for Your Business?

With the modernization of our lifestyle and the advancement of service providers’ approach, things are getting online. From e-commerce to freelancing platform, from managing the fund to the banking system, these days all done online. Then why not Infrastructure or resources come online? Yes, I am talking about Cloud service providing.

There are plenty of free and paid cloud computing service providers like Dropbox, Mega Cloud, Google Drive etc. Dropbox was the first known cloud service provider at web, but in the horizon of time many new leaves have grown up in the branch of cloud service. Today we will talk about one of the best Dropbox alternatives, Tresorit.

Tresorit Review

Tresorit at a Glance

A recent study has shown that 15 percent of cloud users’ accounts for the business purpose have been hacked. This is not a big deal to understand why hackers are targeting cloud business accounts. The equation is very simple here, they cannot see you getting wealthy or they can also sell your confidential data in high price. So what if you have a cloud computing service which is totally safe and allow you to share, arrange and manage files when you are roaming. The solution is Tresorit.

At the birth of Tresorit, they ask over 1000 hacking groups and individual hackers to hack their cloud server. After a trial of 468 days, no one succeeds and the company saved $50,000 prize money and earned trust. This is just an example of their security service. As we go deep down to review their service, their main features, security and encryption technology disclosed.

Tresorit Review

In the below section you will find an in-depth review analysis of Tresorit that includes their features, security measurement, encryption technology, pros, cons and its comparison to Dropbox and SpiderOak.

Tresorit Features:

Create an Inter Team Folder for Better Proficiency: While using Tresorit, you can create and share folders. You can also decide who can edit the file and who can only view. In this manner, you can hold the complete grip of any project in your hand.

Showcase the Progress to Your Client: Sending an encrypted email is not only frustrating but also tricky. On the other hand, you cannot ignore the risk factor of attaching a business document in your mail. Now, with the service of Tresorit you can send documents straight from your Outlook as Tresorit offers end to end encryption service that encrypts your confidential file right in your device, without anyone’s notice.

Track everything from the Admin Hub: You can track all the data and witness work progress from the admin control. Not only that, you can also observe device and users’ usage and statistics. You can also set the security policy at your terms in order to avoid fluky transgression created by someone else who is using the same file or folder.

24 X 7 Security: In the case of Tresorit, encryption gets done in your own device rather than the Tresorit’s server without your notice. So no one has the authority to see your confidential file, not even Tresorit. In cases of other cloud service provider, including Dropbox encryption take place on their server. So at Tresorit, your file remains totally confidential without paining you about the encryption at the same time.

Tresorit  Security and Encryption Technology: 

Encryption Between Both End: Utilizing end-to-end encryption, Tresorit scrambles each document and applicable metadata on your gadgets with the novel, haphazardly produced encryption keys. These keys are never sent to their servers in decoded organize. Getting to records is just conceivable with a client’s extraordinary private unscrambling key. Nobody can get to put away information, aside from the proprietor and clients approved by the proprietor.

Automatic Key Sharing :At the point when cooperating, encryption keys that can unscramble shared records should be shared among colleagues. Tresorit’s patent pending convention guarantees keys is shared consequently, without uncovering them to any individual who has admittance to either the system or the servers dealing with the information.Private keys are produced on the customer side and encoded in your profile. Proactively, your customer revives your keys at regular intervals.

Sincere Customer Assurance: Tresorit applies a Message Authentication Code (MAC) to every record, ensuring that the substance can’t be changed without your insight, regardless of the possibility that some individual hacks our framework. Tresorit customers apply a Message Authentication Code (MAC) to every record’s substance, with a key known just to the client’s customer and those they impart the document to, however not by the server.

Zero-learning Confirmation: Dissimilar to different administrations, Tresorit never transmits or stores records, encryption keys and client passwords in decoded or unhashed shape. Because of the quality of Tresorit’s end-to-end encryption and security, breaking this assurance would take a few human lifetimes. This is the reason they can never recoup overlooked passwords, or hand over your information without your assent if there should be an occurrence of a legitimate request.

Encoded Link: Tresorit’s encoded connect highlight is an online, scrambled document sharing arrangement. Documents sent by means of encoded connection have the extremely same end-to-end encryption and trustworthiness security as records synchronized with the Tresorit customer. Beneficiaries don’t need the Tresorit application introduced on their gadget. Unscrambling happens in the program.

Non-concurrent Cryptography: Just a couple of suppliers offer end-to-end encryption, yet by utilizing alleged merged cryptography they relinquish secrecy to spare storage room. United calculations empower them to decide when your substance matches others’ substance in the cloud, which can release profitable information about you to outside eyewitnesses.

Conventional  Security: The server farms utilized by Tresorit are evaluated for ISO27001:2005, SSAE 16 and a few different confirmations. These data centers are situated in Ireland and the Netherlands and they are continually watched to anticipate unapproved get to and developed to ensure against natural dangers. Tresorit servers are situated in exceedingly secure, Microsoft Azure data centers in Ireland and the Netherlands.

Solidified TLS: TLS (the successor of SSL) channel security can be solidified using customer authentications. This technique gives open key-based security when you associate with Tresorit servers. Each Tresorit customer gets distinctive PKI endorsements for every gadget, with which the application can build up a considerably more secure association with the servers.

 PKI for All Gadgets: Tresorit utilizes open key foundation to verify your gadgets, and share your encryption keys among them, with discrete keys for every gadget. This empowers more secure joint effort and gadget administration. When you renounce access from a gadget, the key of that gadget is banned on all servers and by all, you’re remaining gadgets.

How Tresorit Compare to Dropbox:  

Tresorit utilizes end-to-end encryption: which means your records get encoded on your gadget and Tresorit does not have admittance to your encryption keys.Dropbox utilizes as a part of travel and very still encryption. Records are scrambled and decided on their servers, which implies they hold the encryption keys. Your documents are at danger of listening in once touched base to the server.
Tresorit makes it physically difficult to get to your documents without your approval. No programmer or government can ever read them. Not even our administrators.Dropbox administrators can see your documents thus would anyone be able to who figures out how to access their frameworks with or without Dropbox’s information.
Tresorit stores information in Europe and secures your own data under strict Swiss Privacy Law.Dropbox doesn’t hold fast to the higher standard of Swiss Privacy Law and stores your records over different locales.

Why Tresorit is a More Secure Option Than SpiderOak

Secure AccessSpideroakTresorit
Zero-information get to and reinforcement from desktop secured with end-to-end encryptionYesYes
Zero-information get to and reinforcement from cell phones ensured with end-to-end encryptionNoYes
Zero-information access from web programNoYes
Cross-stage accessibilityYesYes
Document Sharing and Coordinated Effort
Zero-information coordinated effort: record and envelope sharingNoYes
Make imparted organizers to your group, welcome individuals and share documents safelyNoYes
Transfer photographs with end-to-end encryption and alter documents on your portableNoYes
Welcome individuals to shared organizers and let them transfer documentsNoYes
Basic, simple to utilize interface, adored by clientsNoYes
Get to records in your document directory without putting away them locally, paying little heed to the accessible space on your hard driveNoYes


Tresorit Pricing

On your free account, you can use up to 5 GB space which can be expanded up to 16 GB on referrals. You can also use the 2 weeks free trails on individual or team plans.

Individual Plan Pricing

  • Premium – 10€ / month
  • Solo – 25€ / month

Team Plan Pricing

  • Small Business – 20€ / user / month
  • Medium Business – 12.50€ / user / month

Tresorit Pros

  • Magnificent Security
  • 2 Weeks Free Trial
  • Android and iOS App
  • Sign up is not needed for solo file link
  • Advance Design
  • Ease of creating Encrypted Files and Folders
  • Easy to Share Encrypted Files and Folders
  • Team Managing Option on Business Use

Tresorit Cons

  • No Recycling Option
  • Expensive than many of its niche competitor
  • Free Service is Limited
  • Limit in File Size
  • Irregular Performance

Review Conclusion

So these are all the information that you need to know about Tresorit. If you want to use secured end to end encrypted files sync and sharing cloud service software and its high price does not bother you then Tresorit is worth trying. Enjoy high secure cloud computing services with Tresorit and save your device’s disk space. You can also visit here to know about other cloud service reviews.

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