The Best Cloud Backup for Mac in 2022

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There are numerous reasons to purchase the best cloud backup for Mac computers. While iCloud is a convenient way to backup your Mac's data to the cloud, it isn't an ultimate choice. If you have multiple Macs, share your iCloud space with others, or even use multiple iCloud services, the program will quickly fill up, and it isn't cheap.

While Apple devices are known for their privacy, the same cannot be said for iCloud. Hundreds of A-list celebrities' iCloud accounts were hacked in 2014. In 2019, there had been a phishing scam in which hackers repeatedly tried to trick users into disclosing sensitive information.

Fortunately, there seem to be cloud backup options besides iCloud. Discover the best cloud storage and data backup for Macs in the sections below. If you want less Mac-specific suggestions, check out our best cloud storage overall guide.

Our Favorite 5 cloud backup for Mac available

Best Cloud Backup for Mac

Backblaze provides cloud backup for those who require unlimited storage. (Image courtesy of Backblaze)

01. Backblaze

Best for those who value infinite storage space.


Storage: Unlimited
Cost: $7 per month; $70 per year; $130 every two years
Continuous backup frequency
Email and live chat are available for customer service.
Authentication with two factors: Yes, via app or SMS.
Versions 30 versions/30 days kept/period

Why BUY 
+ User-friendly
+ Unlimited backup
+ Users can have their own encryption key
+ Capability to locate a stolen device


- There are no free pricing plans available.
- No automatic upload from mobile devices
- Only retains removed items for 30 days
- Doesn’t provide high tier security

Backblaze has a simple interface, reasonable prices, and the option to back up as much as you want. It works well with macOS, and you can change settings for the app right in System Preferences.

Like iCloud, Backblaze protects data at rest with AES 128-bit encryption, which is strong but not quite as safe as the industry standard 256-bit AES.

It protects transfers with TLS, an encryption method that is almost impossible to break, and it hires third-party groups to test and improve security features on a regular basis. There is also an anti-theft feature that logs your computer's IP address whenever it tries to connect and two-factor verification, which indicates you need both a passcodes and a code sent to your device or email to get into your account.

Backblaze is a typical Mac experience, and it's very easy to get started. Your backups would be set up automatically, so you won't do it. Backblaze gives you 3 ways to get your data back: via Usb drive, USB hard drive, or a ZIP file you can download.

You'll need a license for every pc you want to safeguard with Backblaze. So, if you really want to license five devices, the minimum monthly cost will go up to $35. But you can change which of your devices is linked to Backblaze by switching the license or letting a new device take over a backup state from an old one. Read our full review of Backblaze to find out more.

Best Cloud Backup for Mac

You can back up disk images, servers, pictures, and more with IDrive. (Photo courtesy of IDrive)

02. IDrive


Offers the ability to share files;
lets you restore files for an indefinite period of time;
Each account can have as many devices as you want
Provides disk image backup


- There are only a few ways to share.
- There is no infinite backup plan
- Storage isn't unlimited.

On top of all of its other useful services like server backup and disk image backups, IDrive now provides access to the company's own cloud storage. In addition, it allows for unlimited devices to be backed up per account, making it ideal for individuals who need to restore data from various devices.

The cloud service provides a zero-knowledge service by allowing you to generate a private key for encryption. To put it another way, you'll be able to protect your data by encrypting it. Even IDrive won't be able to access your data without the password, which you are the only one with.

As long as the files are smaller than 500 MB, IDrive offers a really continuous, real-time backup option. It's easy for users to schedule their back-ups with a clear scheduling page that includes all the information they need.

Large volumes of data can be swiftly backed up or restored with IDrive Express. Your Mac can be protected with the use of a temporary, pre-paid storage device provided by the IDrive Express service. IDrive will then upload your files to your internet account once the backup is complete using the pre-installed hardware.

Best cloud storage for business
(Image credit: pCloud/Future)


Best cloud for integration with existing services.

The best cloud to use for existing service integration.


Ten gigabytes to two terabytes

Premium Annual 500 GB $3.99 per month

$7.99 per month for Premium Plus 2 TB

Lifetime access to 500 GB for $175 VISIT pCloud's WEBSITE

Why Buy

There are many reasons to buy: slick sharing options, social media management features, and no file limitation limit


It is possible that the maximum capacity could be increased.

There are several business-oriented features built into the heart of pCloud's outstanding storage solution. You'll be able to upload and manage your files on all of your desktop and mobile devices thanks to real-time file syncing. iDrive, on the other hand, does not support infinite file sizes.

pCloud allows you to grant multiple levels of access to different members of your team, as well as commenting options that make it easier to interact. There are dedicated modules for security, a powerful search feature, and a scalability that works well even when a large number of users are added. It's even possible to add your company's logo on it.

There is 256-bit AES encryption and two-factor authentication on pCloud for all of the files that you upload to the service. Your deleted and edited files are backed up for 30 days, and your files are saved in at least three distinct physical locations. When it comes to data storage, we'd want to learn about more and more redundancies.

When it comes to other cloud storage services like Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive, pCloud is a great fit. In terms of pricing, there are options for annual and monthly subscriptions as well as lifetime payment plans for some tiers. This is a fantastic bundle!

Best Cloud Backup for Mac

04. Carbonite

For individuals who value ease of use, this is the best option.


Unlimited storage
In accordance with the number of computers, the monthly fee ranges from $6 to $50.
Up to four backups per day can be performed automatically, with a minimum of one every six hours.
- Customer Support: 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
- Two-Step Verification: Yes.
- Versions Kept/Period : 12 versions/3 months.


Subscription to Carbonite's 1-YEAR SAFE BASIC SERVICE

$6 a month for Carbonite Home

A one-year subscription to Carbonite Business costs $24 per month.

Consider the benefits of paying for unlimited internet storage, especially for Mac users.
Backs up data on an external hard drive with this service.
The Webroot Secure Anywhere Antivirus subscription is included in the Plus and Prime plans.
Integration with the File Explorer program.


There are no collaboration or sharing capabilities available online.
- Only Windows users have access to the private key encryption feature - No mobile app is available

It's easy to use Carbonite's backup and storage solution. It, too, offers a per-device plan that may be upgraded, much like Backblaze. Carbonite offers a variety of choices for customizing its default backup schedule. Automatically restoring backup files is also possible.

It employs 128-bit AES for data at rest, which is less safe than the industry standard 256-bit AES, and TLS encryption for data in transit, which is more secure. The Webroot SecureAnywhere AntiVirus system, on the other hand, is a highly regarded cloud-based anti-virus application.

Step-by-step recovery is also available, allowing you to restore files directly from the program. In terms of customer service, Carbonite sets itself apart by providing phone help from 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM on weekdays.

Carbonite does not allow you to exchange files from your online storage, unlike other providers. Also lacking are file sharing, folder synchronization, and disk imaging abilities.

Best Cloud Backup for Mac
Acronis’s extensive security features offers peace of mind when backing up files (Image credit: Acronis)

05. Acronis

When it comes to backing up files, Acronis has a wide range of security options (Image credit: Acronis)
Acronis 05.
Ideal for individuals in search of a wide range of security features.

- Storage ranges from 500GB to 1TB, depending on the plan.
- yearly cost of $49.99 for the Essentials, annual cost of $89.99 for the Advanced, and annual cost of $124.99 for the Advanced.
- Daily backups are performed Monday through Friday.
- Live chat, phone help, social media support, and forum support are all options for customer service.
- Authentication using a Second Factor: Yes

Why Buy

Full disk image backup and restore

Protection against ransomware and dangerous URLs plus an easy-to-use user interface

Verification of data on the blockchain


Shared files are not password-protected - No unlimited storage is provided
Features that are too advanced for the average user to use.

Cloud backup service provider Acronis has a solution that works well for individuals who place a high value on security. Ransomware protection, malware protection, e-signature, automatic data replication, and blockchain certification are all included in the security options. End-to-end encryption ensures that Acronis will have no access to your backups, and your files are safe.

Acronis will not be able to share your data with third parties unless you give them your permission, making your sensitive information more secure from hackers.

One Mac is included with the basic plan, but you can add more for a fee if you want access to all of the security features. Devices such as smartphones and tablets are excluded from the device restriction.

Additionally, all of Acronis' plans come with a 30-day free trial that doesn't require any credit card information. Full drive backup, folder syncing, and file versioning are among the capabilities you may try out. It's possible to organize a call with an Acronis engineer who will help you install and setup the backup solution for you.

Acronis Universal Restore is a feature that is only available to Acronis users. This functionality allows you to boot your previous system on new hardware.. This could come in handy if you need to swap out a motherboard or move your system to a new machine.

Choosing the Best Cloud Backup for Mac in 2022: What We Looked for

Easy to use:
Technical expertise is required for some platforms, while others are more "set it and forget it" in nature. Whatever your level of expertise, I have a cloud backup solution for your Mac that will meet your needs, no matter if you're a novice or a seasoned pro.

The following functions serve as a safety net:
However, several of these services go beyond cloud backup for Macs. A few examples of these features include the ability to back up your data to an external drive or other storage medium, as well as the ability to back up applications and systems, as well as the ability to back up data on your iPhone or iPad while you're on the go, as well as automatic backups and real-time data backups.

Money well spent:
Some of the advantages you may get from the best online backups include limitless data storage, ransomware detection for infinite devices, blockchain certification, and even find-my-Mac tools for your Mac. These added benefits can assist you in determining whether or not a specific plan is worth your money.

What is the finest online backup service for a Mac user?

IDrive, a cloud backup solution for Macs, iPads, iPhones, and external devices, offers a complete set of functions for customers of all levels. Backblaze and Carbonite may be good options if you're seeking for a simple system with limitless storage for one Mac. What should a Mac user keep in mind when shopping for cloud backup? Price, storage capacity, security and backup features are just a few of the considerations to keep in mind. Make sure to look at programs that allow numerous machines per plan and/or upgrade options for additional Macs, unless you're willing to acquire several licenses or subscriptions. Backup services that offer offline recovery plans would be great if you've ever been the victim of a tragic occurrence that resulted in the loss of all of your files, folders, documents, images, and videos. What's the best iCloud alternative? Both Zoolz BigMIND Home and IDrive are good free alternatives to iCloud's 5 GB of included cloud storage for Mac users.

IDrive or Acronis are two options for Mac, iPad, and iPhone cloud backup that offer a wide range of features. A service like Backblaze or Carbonite that offers limitless storage may be a good option for you if you need more storage space at a fair price. Is Carbonite worth the investment? Yes. Carbonite offers a simple system with unlimited storage and award-winning, extremely responsive support. People who wish to get their cloud backup service up and running quickly and easily can choose this service. You get the most for your money with its Plus and Prime cloud backup plans because they include cloud-based antiviral software, external drive backups, remote file access, and automated cloud backup. In the event of a calamity, Prime accounts offer a courier service.

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