China and the need for AI expertise

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the new force driving industrial transformation. It is changing economic activities from distribution, to trading and consumption and reshaping many industries, such as healthcare, finance and public safety. According to CCW Research, China’s leading IT market research and consulting company, the growth rate of the Artificial Intelligence market in 2017 was significant. They estimate the annual market size for AI in China is currently close to 21 billion USD, and it is expected to reach 150 billion USD in 2020.
The rapid development of Artificial Intelligence has also driven an increase in the global demand for AI professionals. In fact, the need for AI talent is not confined to the IT industry; many other industries are also recruiting AI engineers. According to the English edition of the People's Daily, Zhou Ming, the deputy director of the Education and Testing Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said that the AI talent gap in China exceeds 5 million. In order to bridge the talent gap the Ministry of Education in April 2018 launched the “Artificial Innovation Action Plan for Higher Education Institutions”. This plan proposes to accelerate development of AI talent training in colleges and universities, and strengthen the relationship between universities and enterprises for technological innovation.
Huawei is launching the AI certification in China
In response to China’s Ministry of Education initiative, Huawei launched an AI program to promote not only AI training, but also to provide a solid cooperation between the industry and academic institutions in China. The program includes 4 elements: the development of an AI curriculum, industry-university cooperation, teacher and student training, and AI specialist certification.
As part of the AI curriculum development Huawei will provide technical experts to support university scholars in developing no less than 10 online high-quality courses or textbooks;
Huawei will make the latest AI software and hardware products available for educational purposes within the program. Huawei will also establish more than 50 AI-related projects whereby the industry and universities can cooperate.
Huawei will recruit AI experts to provide training for more than 100 teachers in the field of artificial intelligence.
Through the Huawei ICT Academy, Huawei will train and certify within the next three years more than 10,000 Chinese students to become Huawei Certified Artificial Intelligence Engineer.
In order to further strengthen the exchange between industry and education, research has to be conducted in both the enterprises and academic institutions. This will promote the synergy between science and technological innovation, industrial and talent development.  Huawei pledges to further deepen the cooperation with colleges and universities, strengthen the integration of industry and education, promote the innovation of talent training and assist universities to educate more AI talents.
Huawei aspires to be the partner of choice for enterprises and governments around the world; only by delivering world-class service we can accomplish this vision. We want our service partners to grow with us, and thrive equally while we enable the Digital Transformation of many companies. These are exciting times, and we are humbled by this challenge, but proud to be at the center of a global business revolution.
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