Cloudabouts.com is a website that assists people in understanding merchants in various categories by comparing them through detailed reviews and thus enabling one to determine the one to choose for a particular need. The different categories involved include software, business, home and personal among others. A pre-defined list of order is used by the website in reviewing the providers and this ensures that the website meets the consumer needs in a quality manner.

Compensation Disclosure

The company has collaborated with many organizations to achieve optimal advertising. The collaborations are imperative for full disclosure. The affiliate partners ensure that they give us a commission based on the number of times readers click or purchase their offers. Through a relationship with Google Ad networks, the company has paid advertising that is effective for its growth.

We have plans of having a disclosure report on every article that the company will generate. Moreover, this disclosure statement will also reflect in every direct action that the article will have and this will ensure that compensation is generated from this. It is imperative to understand that we may utilize some links that users take but we will not disclose them and this is in situations where the links do not provide any time of compensation for the company. There are times that we may get discounted and free products to review by our affiliate companies or clients.

Commitment to Honesty

It is important for our clients to understand that this company will never ever have the amount or the type of compensation that we receive from either our clients or our affiliate partners influence or rather determine the stand we have with regard to the product. We are determined to ensure that the reviews we give on different products regardless of their source are honest and this offers them a change to gain a better understanding of the perception of their products. Moreover, the findings and the experiences we have with a given product are also truthful and this is a major highlight of our commitment to our clients and affiliate partners.

However, it is imperative that the readers have their own personal research on the products that they have interest in and not purely rely on the statement made in the review of the product found in the site. This ensures that they make the right decision and avoid disappointments or blame our company. This helps the customers understand how they can assist themselves better and consequently gain full benefit from the purchase of the product. Opinions and views expressed in this site are those of the writer alone and do not reflect the stand of the company with regard to the various products advertised or rather posted on this website. Any claim with regard to the quality of the product, the statistic or the quote ought to go to the product manufacturer or provider and this verification assists the client in getting a better understanding of the commodity.

If you find this website valuable, please interrelate with us by registering and purchasing affiliate products here and that is how our time is compensated.


Cloudabouts is a professional site that is paid by the companies whose products we evaluate. We are a privately owned company, and the opinions expressed here are our own.
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