Dropbox Alternatives: 5 Best Cloud Storage Services

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Dropbox is used widely in both home and business purpose. Maybe you are using dropbox for many years but you are not satisfied with its service. In the free version of dropbox, the administrators or developers who maintain the service have the right to delete information from free, inactive accounts. The backdrops of dropbox include many other faults. So today we will find out 5 best dropbox alternatives.
Dropbox Alternatives

5 Best Dropbox Alternatives

So in the below section I will reveal 5 best drop box alternatives.


Sync.com is one of the most private, secured and distributed storage administration on the planet. It is an extremely respectable element list including record sharing and adjusting, robotized cloud reinforcements, gadget and client control, zero-learning encryption and HIPAA consistency for the professional arrangements.
With the free version of Sync.com you will get 5GB storage. Paid arrangements begin from $49 every year, which offers 500GB storage. And the upgraded version is worth $490 every year for 5TB. Sync does not store passwords or secret word hashes amid record creation, or when you sign in.

  • Excellent security
  • Very simple to utilize
  • Granular record and organizer consents
  • Shared joins expiry dates
  • Fast record transfers
  • No record size or form confinements
  • Single Sign On


  • Limited sharing choices in the desktop customer
  • No envelope transfers by means of the web or versatile customer.


A client storage with more than 3 million clients and keeps on increasing significantly ground against Dropbox and other real contenders like Sync. Furthermore, that is precisely why pCloud nearly feels like a legend, with 20GB of free storage space.
pCloud is open through its online and device based application. While using a PC, you can run this service on OS like Windows, Linux, and Mac. The establishment procedure of pCloud is pretty much as basic as Dropbox. It implants itself as the organizer on the PC's primary envelope catalog. You can transfers documents by just dragging them from the folder of you PC to pCloud's envelope. And guess what? You are done. Seriously, it is that easy.
With a normal transfer speed of 74.8 Mbps, you can upload a 10 GB file completely in just 2 minutes. In an offer to help certainty among its clients, pCloud made a 6-month challenge that pulled in more than 2860 programmers, all contending to win $100,000. Strangely, nobody figured out how to hack their framework.


E-Box is a distributed storage administration with a few particular focal points over Dropbox, regarding its security highlights. Above all, their servers are situated in the UK, so clients won't have to stress over obstruction from the US government.
Their estimating arrangement requires a base amount of ten credits for each month, which could be somewhat troublesome for little organizations. E-Box utilizes a valuing framework spinning around credits that are somewhat not the same as most other administration suppliers.
E-Box Strengths

  • A web interface that chips away at all working frameworks and is easy to utilize
  • Strong security with servers in the UK
  • Intuitive client, gathering and document access authorizations
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Secure document sharing

E-Box Weaknesses

  • No document review or instinctive setting menu access.
  • Sometimes befuddling UI (it can be somewhat lumbering to make sense of the considerable number of alternatives to set client rights effectively, be that as it may, a setup wizard guides you through the procedure).
  • No open connection sharing choices, clients need an e-box account.


SpiderOak has been developed from a simple reinforcement and synchronizing organization to a data security organization. Their administration highlights zero-learning security; which implies any record transferred to their server is encrypted before it leaves from the PC.
File sharing is extremely protected on On SpiderOak. It makes a "mutual room" that is secret key secured.Documents in the common room are put away in plain content. This, be that as it may, does not influence other data you have in your record. You should read the full spideroak review to know more about it.
SpiderOak Strengths

  • completely zero-learning protection
  • combines online reinforcement with sync and joint effort
  • a vessel heap of security choices for shared rooms, similar to watchword assurance
  • mobile applications for iOS and Android are accessible

SpiderOak Weaknesses

  • Software appears a tad bit obsolete now and again
  • slow transfer and download speeds
  • Too numerous choices, particularly when sharing and synchronizing records can confound the client


Tresorit is a decent option in order to replace Dropbox. They offer 5GB of free storage, so there is a lot of space for individuals to play with, before making the purchase decision. Tresorit makes a private "Tresor" on your PC where sharing and synchronizing happens. You can make as Tresors as you jump at the chance to compose your files.Sending secure encrypted documents is simple here at Tresorit.
Once Tresorit synchronizes all documents to the cloud, it's sufficient to click "Get encrypted join" and a protected connection has replicated the clipboard. Tresorit gives an itemized diagram of all encrypted connections and movement. You can deny the connection and access whenever you want. Read the full Tresorit review before you decide to switch to it permanently.
Tresorit Strengths

  • Access insights (free and paid)
  • Two step check (free and paid)
  • Activity history (for 7 and 90 individually)
  • Granular document and organizer access controls

Tresorit Weaknesses

  • Convoluted interface
  • Expensive arranges and decreased element for people
  • At times moderate transfer speeds


Mega is a genuinely basic online storage arrangement. You can either transfer your records by means of the web or download the customer to synchronize among different gadgets. End-to-end encryption is MEGA's security establishment. It implies data that leaves your program remains encrypted until the proposed beneficiary unscrambles it. Along these lines, everything private is ensured by an expert key.
The record substance is sectioned into pieces and encrypted with supposed session keys. An RSA key pair handles access to shared documents.While documents are encrypted locally and through travelling, the keys are put away on Mega's servers. Other administrations in this rundown, store the key on the client's PC.
Mega.com Strengths

  • Free 50GB encrypted distributed storage
  • Includes a matching up customer for all major OSs
  • Easy to utilize, open connection sharing accessible

Mega.com Weaknesses

  • Sometimes surrey and moderate transfer speeds
  • Shared envelopes some of the time vanish from the record dashboard

You may learn more about mega from this mega cloud review article.


So these are the 5 best Dropbox alternatives. Click here to read about the ten best cloud storage for business use.

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