MypcBackup In Depth Editorial Review & Ratings

MyPCBackup is an online backup service provider.  They also own JustCloud and ZipCloud, which are almost identical in features and pricing to MyPCBackup. Check out here an in-depth review of MypcBackup and come to know what others are saying about it. 

Over All Rating

7.5 /10


    • Unlimited:
      (Paid upfront: 2 Yr: $6.95/mo, 1 Yr: $7.95/mo, 6 Mo: $8.95/mo)
    • Premium(250GB):
      (Paid upfront: 2 Yr: $4.95/mo, 1 Yr: $5.95/mo, 6 Mo: $6.95/mo)
    • Home(75GB):
      (Paid upfront: 2 Yr: $4.49/mo, 1 Yr: $4.95/mo, 6 Mo: $5.95/mo)

Who Can use?

Sign up for MyPCBackup if you are …

    • a student, or any type of person on a budget
    • looking for an inexpensive way to backup your files in the cloud
    • looking for a tool that will make your life easier
    • looking to share files with friends and family (photos, videos etc…)

If you happen to take a lot of photos and you’re still looking for a place to store them all, MyPCBackup might be the right place for you. You can browse your photos wherever you are the web clients, share them with your friends and family or download them to your mobile device.

Probably you shouldn’t sign up for MyPCBackup if you’re …

    • a business owner in need of super-secure backups
    • a tech-geek, feature-addict and customization nerd
    • absolutely need support installing software along your way


    • New version of both Mac and Windows software
    • Faster Uploads (Up to 15 times faster)
    • Faster Downloads (Up to 10 times faster)
    • File Size limit increased to 5 GB
    • New Control Panel
    • New file and folder sharing feature
    • Access files from your mobile or tablet
    • New referrals program
    • New Locate my Computer Feature Included Free
    • New Drag and Drop to application feature
    • Countless app improvements and bug fixes
    • Speed improvements to Amazon s3 interface
    • iPad and iPhone apps available from 14th May


      • Additional fee structure for upgrades
      • Fair Use Policy
      • Annoying upsell pop-ups
      • Does not completely uninstall
      • Bait and switch tactics for unlimited plans
      • Hard to cancel

Ratings By Different Criteria


MyPCBackup provides mobile apps for iOS and Android users. You can access these apps via their respective app stores. Now it’s easy to backup or sync mobile pictures and music with your computers. Unfortunately, there is no support for Linux users.


MyPCBackup has the ability to backup any file, regardless of type. This means that you can backup things like music, video, pictures, documents, executables, graphics and more. In addition, by default MyPCBackup keeps 7 days worth of file versions, but this can be changed to 30 days or even unlimited. File versions are helpful in the event that you accidentally delete or change a file. With versioning, you can simply roll it back to a previous version.


There’s no benefit to having a backup if you can’t restore files when needed. With MyPCBackup, restoring files is simple. Restore any files from both the Control Panel and desktop application in just a few clicks. Restoring from the desktop application is as easy as clicking on the “Restore Files” button.

If you have backed up multiple computers, you’re asked which computer you want to restore, and then you’re able to browse through the backed up files and folders to select the ones you wish to restore. Finally, you’re asked to select the location(s) you want to restore the files to, or even create a new location. At this point, the restore process begins.


Now with MyPCBackup you can share files, photos, folders and a whole lot more with family and friends by inviting them via Facebook, Twitter, email or even a custom link you create yourself. Supposedly public file sharing is coming soon – where you will be able to send a link to a friend to have them download a file and view it. No public file sharing available at this time.


MyPCBackup provides a scheduled backup that backs up files to an off-site location but it also provides users with a sync folder (15MB with free trial). When upgraded to a paid version, users receive 1GB, with an option to upgrade even more to 200GB. Select files to sync between multiple computers, and enjoy no more manually syncing files to multiple computers or carrying around flash drives. It’s as easy as dragging and dropping a file into your sync folder, or right clicking on the file and selecting the “Add to Sync Folder“.


MyPCBackup transfers all data using a 256 bit AES encryption. This is the same technology used by banks for financial transactions. They also utilize full server mirroring, which means their servers are duplicated to completely separate data centers around the world. This protects you in case of physical disasters or power outages at the primary MyPCBackup server location. In this case, MyPCBackup uses Amazon S3 Servers located in both Europe and the US.

Help & Support

MyPCBackup customer support is hit or miss. Some customers haven’t had issues with getting support and swear by them, while others say that support tickets go for days or even weeks without a response. As far as refunds for unused features, such as too much storage, again some customers have no issue getting a refund, while others complain that they’re due a refund and didn’t receive it.


MyPCBackup has the ability to backup any file, regardless of type. This means that you can backup things like music, video, pictures, documents, executables, graphics and more.

Drag and drop functionality: MyPCBackup has “drag-and-drop” functionality. All you need to do is drag and drop the files you want to backup. This will immediately backup the files you’ve selected rather than waiting for the scheduled backup.

Audio/visual file types included by default: In previous versions of the client, MyPCBackup excluded most audio/visual files (MP3,MP4,WMV,MOV,AVI,AAC) by default. In the newer versions starting with version, these file types are no longer excluded. It’s one less setting change for users with comprehensive music and video collections.


No Support for Linux: Sorry Linux users… as of now, MyPCBackup only supports Mac and Windows based PC’s.

5GB file size limit: The 5GB maximum file size limit is actually an Amazon S3 limitation and not a limitation imposed solely by MyPCBackup. The truly unfortunate part about this setting is that it defaults to 2MB. If you don’t change this setting, you might end up few backed up files. This can be easily changed from the 2MB default to 5GB.

Annoying up sell popups: They’re intent on upselling features to the point that pop-ups show up over and over again. For example, you might see the pop-up below come up after you complete a backup. This can be very confusing. You may also see a warning stating that “your files are not protected” after completing a backup and asking you to press the “Protect Now” button. Again, this action takes you to an upgrade screen, coaxing you to spend more money.

Backing up with JustCloud

MyPCBackup performs scheduled backups. What this means is that you setup a backup schedule that MyPCBackup will follow – by default this is daily at a time you specify. You can upgrade this to hourly if you need, however most people will find that daily backups are sufficient for their needs.

As of right now MyPCBackup does not offer a continuous backup option. This is where files are backed up on the fly as they change, rather than at a scheduled time.

As we mentioned earlier there is a 2MB file size limit by default. We strongly suggest that you go in and change this to the 5GB limit. You will not be able to backup much at the 2MB limit. We are not sure why it is set so low by default.

With MyPCBackup you can also backup immediately. Let’s say you have an important file that you’ve made changes to and you want to back it up, all you need to do is right click on the file and select “MyPCBackup Backup -> Instant Backup”. It’s that simple.

As a final option, you can also use the new drag and drop functionality by simply dragging the file and dropping it into the MyPCBackup application.

All MyPCBackup backups are encrypted using 256 bit encryption and stored on Amazon S3 servers. You know you are getting data center security, stability, and reliability with Amazon.

Restoring with MyPCBackup

MyPCBackup offers it’s users two ways to restore files. If you are restoring a small number of files it’s best to use the online control panel and select the files you want to restore. Click on the file and it will download to your local system.

If you want to do a larger restore, then it’s best to use the desktop application. Simply select the “Restore” button, at which time you will be asked which computer you want to restore from and which files. Select the files and click the “restore selected files” button. You will be asked where you want to restore the files to. Select a location and press “ok”. After the files are restored to your computer, you can then move them to where you want them.

Final Verdict of MyPCBackup

MyPCBackup certainly went through some ups and downs in the past, but it has improved a lot over time. Online backup works flawlessly and the client does not crash. Restores are fast and reliable. If you are under a budget MyPCBackup is one of the best solutions you can buy for your money. However, if you need more options expect to pay more for upgrades.

It is very hard to find a service that offers unlimited online backup and file synchronization for little money, unfortunately, MyPCBackup is not an exception. On the surface, it seems very cheap (and it is!) – unless you plan on using more features than just backup.

MyPCBackup is also a perfect solution for people who don’t want fancy options, who don’t want to fiddle around with extensive backup settings – it’s for people who really just want their backups to work knowing that their data is safe.

You can try MyPCBackup for free, however, only basic features are provided during that free trial.

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