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The Zoolz cloud company continues to stay abreast in the competitive cloud storage provision world with Zoolz and similar companies making use of the best and most recent technological advances in order to remain relevant to those who rely on their services.

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Cloud storage has continued to fascinate all those involved and interested in online data storage.In order to be of unlimited relevance to such consumers of their products, Zoolz has put its best personnel team and resources on the line to come up with what is known as the Zoolz Intelligent Cloud. This stands as one of the most remarkable advances in the world of cloud storage. So what exactly is the Zoolz intelligent cloud and why is it the in-thing at the moment?
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Basic 100GB/USER $14.99
Plus 500GB/3 USER S $14.95
Family 1TB/5 USERS $79.99
Heavy 4TB/5 USERS $299.99

Plan Summary

Zoolz Intelligent, an upgrade of Zoolz cloud storage, is a well-refined and smart cloud-based service which makes it possible for its users to easily back up their documents and to manage the files they have storage in the cloud storage. Zoolz Intelligent makes it possible for its users to back up their content of interest and to easily create searchable online data archives for their files. The files which can be stored include audio files, PDFs and video files.
With the Zoolz Intelligent, these files can be streamed on demand. The built-in OCR capabilities coupled up with the eDiscovery search engine are geared towards ensuring that all the data stored is properly indexed thus making it quite easy for a user to find their files. The large files are usually transcoded into formats that are easy to stream. Original documents are usually placed in ‘cold storage’, in order to be archived for long periods of time.
In the corporate and non-corporate work environment, Zoolz Intelligent comes as an invaluable resource. Zoolz allows all workers in an organisation to make content uploads from a number of sources and devices and sources. In addition to this, there is the auditing feature which allows an administrator of such a storage platform to know who accessed the data archives and at what time. The multilingual OCR and quality content analysis also make the Zoolz Intelligent cloud a very pertinent resource in a corporate setting, with storage and access of files being a regular activity in this setting. The Zoolz Intelligent has EU servers which are usually hosted on AWS cloud, which ensures that its users can rest assured that their data is well protected since the European data protection laws are effective if one has their data stored in the EU servers.

Who is zoolz intelligent cloud for?


​Zoolz came up with the intelligent cloud for the sake of businesses to help them structure their unstructured data. Most of the businesses face the challenge of sorting and arranging data according, and doing it manually is quite tiresome. Zoolz intelligent cloud helps businesses organize the data accordingly as it should be with military grade protection so that there’s no data loss.



    • An impressive user interface for administrators and standard level users.
    • The OCR feature for quick searches for images and scanned documents.
    • An eDiscovery engine for instant results.
    • Refined image search by resolution.
    • A considerate pricing model



    • Zoolz is yet to release a mobile app for Zoolz intelligent cloud storage.
    • It is purely a data backup platform. Zoolz’s rivals have sync and web-based platforms where stored file get automatic updates.


Ratings By Different Criteria

Zoolz intelligent offers both global access and powerful user access. Global access allows businesses to access their data on the various data centres which zoolz has set up in various countries across the globe where their clients can gain productivity and collaboration while working on one secure platform. On the other hand, powerful user access gives businesses the freedom to control their important files and ensure that no files are lost by allowing only specific people to search, share and view or delete their data. Zoolz intelligent users can access their files on any device through their web console on any web browser, and is very responsive and functional.
Backup with zoolz intelligent is very easy as the back-end procedures have been automated. They are usually duplicated and stored over various data centres across the globe hence easy to access the files when needed. Since the backup computations are automatic and handled on the back-end cloud, there’s little or no tasks which the clients partake in and the processes are quite smooth without any kind of interruptions. The files are usually checked for both organization and machine levels which enhances faster backups for your data on the cloud. Backups occur on the cold storage and the tribrid backup or through the block level technology and hybrid+.
With the intelligent cloud’s restore client, zoolz will automatically restore files either to the original location or to a preferred new location. You can do this on your centralized web console making it possible to restore files on any of your electronic devices. In case you have deleted files, you can always restore them back since zoolz does not delete the files and they are still available on backup.
File sharing is only possible for those files which have been stored in the hot storage and not on the cold storage. The intelligent cloud offers you various sharing methods which include, sharing to the users directly or using a link to share the files which are usually secured with an encryption password. Zoolz copyright policy for sharing allows you to only share files which you have created or have a permit to share them. You can also unshare a link which you’ve initially shared to the expected recipients.
In addition to the zoolz backup client, you might as well synchronize your files on the cloud using any device, be it your laptop or mobile phone. This best suits those who frequently use multiple services such as Google drive and Dropbox, to upload their files and with using zoolz intelligent cloud, you can switch to one single service. If you are working with multiple devices such as a desktop PC and a laptop or even a mobile phone, file synchronization will be helpful to you as you’ll manage to sync the different files on each gadget. However, synchronization with zoolz is limited and will only take place when backing up the files hence, when working on a file using a different device, sync it first to ensure you get its latest version.
Zoolz intelligent is built on Amazon AWS which is a reliable backend infrastructure and it uses military-grade encryption to securely store your uploaded files on the cloud. The automated protection feature makes it easy to backup data whether uploaded recently or was undergoing amendments. Once you upload the files, zoolz intelligent takes the initiative to encrypt the data with AES-256 and perform on the rest of the major computing procedures. Since the clients can keep track on their files, it is easy to detect any kind of breaches that might be taking place.
Synchronization of files only occurs when files are being backed up. Since there’s not a distinctive feature to sync file, that’s why the file synchronization takes place when the files are being backed up on the clouds servers. Since zoolz enhances collaborations, the employees can sync data from wherever they are and on any device which they’re using to access the cloud services.
Help & Support
Zoolz intelligent support team which is always there to help you and answer any question that you may have concerning the cloud. They also provide their number as well as email address which you can use to contact them and send question through however, zoolz is efficient in handling support through emails sent to them.


Safe and secure file sharing
Most clients settle on the use of cloud storage since manual data storage has proven quite insecure over the years. Cloud storage service providers have made security a very essential consideration. When it comes to the sharing of files, Zoolz is quite up to the task in ensuring that safety is guarantee. With the military-grade encryption feature, the uploaded and shared files stand very secure since no third and unauthenticated party can access them. The zero-knowledge approach that Zoolz uses works to back up the confidence that clients should have in them. Under the zero-knowledge approach, the cloud storage service providers are in their position not able view what data somebody has stored in their platform.
The ability to convert files into PDFs which are easily accessible
It is common knowledge that the search and retrieval of scanned documents can be quite a tedious and time-consuming task. This is precisely the point at which Zoolz Intelligent steps in to relieve cloud storage users off the hassle. With the Optical Character Recognition Software (Simply abbreviated as OCR), Zoolz Intelligent users can have such scanned files or images converted into formats that can easily be traced upon search. This is a pertinent solution to those who work in organisations requiring the access and retrieval of scanned files.
Data searching by content
Zoolz incorporated a very powerful eDiscovery search engine which comes as the pertinent file retrieval resource. The corporate world users of Zoolz as well as individual users are able to search content efficiently and to retrieve files as they will. By simply typing in a keyword or a phrase, one has the files stored under the phrase or keyword displayed in the shortest instance possible. Depending on the nature of the organisation, the eDiscovery search engine makes sure that the results provided on the search are relevant. This goes without much emphasis that this is simply the best to-go-with option for businesses needing instant search and access to specific files for use.
Data streaming on-demand
Videographers and broadcasters are presented with an option to stream any media file, which includes the audio and video files, without any form of interruptions. Upon the uploading of a file, in the mentioned formats, videographers and broadcasters can instantly be able to stream these files. Regardless of the file size, these files can be successfully and securely be shared to smartphones, tablets, iPad and computers.
Search and retrieval of Images using intelligent filters
Zoolz have gone all the way up to ensuring that the search and retrieval of images is done in the fastest manner possible by factoring in the most relevant parameters associated with the image files. Such include the resolution of an image, the camera use to capture the image, the date and location of the capture of the image and as basically as the size of the image files. The users of the Zoolz Intelligent cloud service can also get to search for images based on the dominant colours on the photos. This makes it by far one of the best image storage and retrieval tool there ever was.
The Excellent User interface
With the Zoolz Intelligent cloud service, users are entitled to a very impressive and effective user interface. As with several features related to the user of computer programs and software, the user interface plays a great role in ensuring the ease of use and navigation which in turn makes the users get accustomed to using that very software or program. Zoolz capitalizes in the user interface that is well built to enable its clients to make the best of the cloud storage platform. This is a relevant feature for individual users and the administrators of corporate based teams backing up their data in a single location. The web Interface comes as the landing point for the users of Zoolz intelligent cloud services. The administrators can at this point invite those he or she is working with to set up their accounts as part and parcel of their corporate licence. These users invited by the administrators are in a position to access the Zoolz dashboard from a similar web address as their administrator, but are in this instance limited to a given number of features. This leaves the administrator as the most powerful one in the niche since they have more features at their disposal.
The Admin version
As earlier seen, Zoolz allows for the administrator dashboard which has more features than the standard user dashboard. With the administrator dashboard, one can get to view the number of activated users they have and the number of servers they have. The administrators can also get to keep track of all the activities related to the servers, view the breakdown of how the storage has been used, keep track of where the data gets uploaded from and view all the billing information. The administrator dashboard has overview graphs which in turn directs a user to various sections as they would will. The administrator therefore comes as the more privileged one in the Zoolz intelligent cloud service.


1. Easy to back up and create searchable online archives of content ranging from scanned PDFs to video and audio files which can be streamlined on demand.
2. The built-in OCR and eDiscovery internal search engine ensures data is thoroughly indexed hence makes it easy to discover and located files.
3. Uploaded files, folders and images are organized accordingly by zoolz intelligent cloud technology automatically.
4. File’s discovery is faster as you search documents via their content or paraphrased keywords.
5. Uploaded files and folders are protected through a military-grade encryption and the zoolz home staff will never access your data as they operate using a zero-knowledge approach.
6. Stream and share videos without any interruptions.
7. Intelligent filters to help you find pictures.


1. There’s limitation to the number of users and devices which one account can hold, and if you want to add the numbers you have to pay for it.
2. Restoration of files and folders for download takes too much of plenty time which is a great deal breaker for the business people.
3. If using multiple devices to work on a file, you may acquire an outdated version of that file if it has not been synchronized or updated on the device.
4. Can only be used by Windows PC owners and users.
It is not possible to access and download files from the cold storage through the phone and is only applicable through

Backing up with Zoolz Intelligent Cloud

  • Sign into your zoolz intelligent online account.
  • Right click on Zoolz’s icon and select “open dashboard” and click on download zoolz.
  • Run the download setup file and follow the on screen steps in the installation wizard.
  • Select data to back up from the dashboard and apply filters and regular expressions to enable you easily access the files to backup.
  • From the three pop up options, i.e. smart selection, my computer and cold storage and choose the data from those options you wish to back up.
  • Select on run on schedule, security options, bandwidth throttling or hybrid+, depending on which backup setting you wish to apply.
  • If you want to backup to the cold storage, refer to the cold storage tab, select add smart selection, click on mail and finally on add file/folder button followed by selecting PST file and click ok.
  • Click on save button.
  • If you have a registered on a particular policy, the backup will start automatically without following the above steps.


Restoring with Zoolz Intelligent Cloud

  • Right click on Zoolz’s in the system tray and click on open dashboard, and select restore button.
  • From the pop up window, select the name of the computer you want to restore from.
  • Proceed to select the files and folders you’d like to restore which is stored on the cloud storage and click next.
  • Choose the location where you want to restore to, the time frame you want to restore as well as the restore options and click next.
  • Zoolz will calculate the files you need to be restored and the cloud on the system tray turns red.
  • It takes 3-5 hours for the download to start so keep your machine running until the process is complete.
  • Alternatively, if restoring via the web console, sign into your account and refer to my computers tab.
  • From the residing page, select the computer you’d like to restore from.
  • Search through the cloud storage and select on the data you wish to restore and click download.
  • Once the preparation is complete, you’ll receive a confirmation email linked to the files.
  • Open the link and click on the files to restore and click on the download button.

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Final verdict of this Zoolz Intelligent Cloud review

Zoolz Intelligent has definitely addressed all the needs of their clientele and stand as the best option for users requiring instant and hassle-free data access and retrieval. The fact that it is purely a backup service provision platform may to some extent make clients shy away from settling on it since regular updates on stored files are necessary( through the syncing option).
The OCR capabilities alongside other superior features such as its eDiscovery search and profiling engine makes it stand out since instant retrieval of files is guaranteed for all types of files. With the pricing model, users have the opportunity to have their billing plan scaled up as they grow under the per capacity model which is actually cost effective as compared to the per user model. Zoolz Intelligent cloud storage therefore stands as a perfect cloud storage option to every interested individual and organization.

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