SOS Online Backup Review - Is It Really As Fast As It Claims?

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SOS Online Backup is a cloud service provider from infrascale that focuses on protecting your digital life, a company that provides backup and recovery solutions to businesses and consumers. SOS Online Backup has a bunch of extras and some impressive features unique only to their company. Providing an unlimited amount of online data backup, you're guaranteed to never run out of the room. The only catch is that that the SOS Personal Cloud is limited to just a single computer, with the ability to back up an unlimited number of smartphones and tablets.
SOS Online Backup Review

SOS Online Backup : In-depth Review Analysis

In this section below you will find a complete review about SOS Online Backup Pricing, Accessibility, Restoring capability, sharing options, pros, cons and everything else that you want to know before selecting SOS your backup client.

SOS Online Backup Pricing for Each Plan

Plan Price Plan Storage Details
50GB $ 4.99 Monthly
$ 59.88 1 Year
$ 44.99 (-25%)
50 GB Plans include up to 5 PCs & Macs, unlimited mobiles and chat support .
No server support will be provided
100GB $ 7.99 Monthly
$ 95.88 1 Year
$ 79.99 (-17%)
100 GB Plans include up to 5 PCs & Macs, unlimited mobiles and chat support .
No server support will be provided
150GB $ 9.99 Monthly
$ 119.88 1 Year
$ 99.99 (-17%)
150 GB Plans include up to 5 PCs & Macs, unlimited mobiles and chat support .
No server support will be provided
250GB $ 12.99 Monthly
$ 155.88 1 Year
$ 129.99 (-17%)
250 GB Plans include up to 5 PCs or Macs, unlimited mobiles, Network attached storage support and chat support .
No server support will be provided but no limit to file sizes or types.
500GB $ 20.99 Monthly
$ 251.88 1 Year
$ 199.99 (-21%)
500 GB Plans include up to 5 PCs or Macs, unlimited mobiles, Network attached storage support and chat support .
No server support will be provided but no limit to file sizes or types.
1TB $ 39.99 Monthly
$ 479.88 1 Year
$ 399.99 (-17%)
1000 GB Plans include up to 5 PCs or Macs, unlimited mobiles, Network attached storage support and chat support .
No server support will be provided but no limit to file sizes or types.
5TB $ 159.99 Monthly
$ 1,919.88 1 Year
$ 1,599.99 (-17%)
5000 GB Plans include up to 5 PCs or Macs, unlimited mobiles, Network attached storage support and chat support .
No server support will be provided but no limit to file sizes or types.
10TB $ 299.99 Monthly
$ 3,599.88 1 Year
$ 2,999.99 (-17%)
10000 Plans include up to 5 PCs or Macs, unlimited mobiles, Network attached storage support and chat support .
No server support will be provided but no limit to file sizes or types.


Who Can Use  SOS Online Backup

SOS online backup is for them who wants

  • online backup for any file type, including photos, videos, and documents
  • To run backups from any device, network-attached storage drives, external hard drives, and USB flash drives.
  • no limit to the number of files or file types, or the size of the files.
  • store your data in SOS Online Backup’s secure data centers.

Think about this scenario for a while: you have a Macintosh laptop for your personal use with photos, videos and a couple of documents (one being 30 pages of your first novel that you’ve always wanted to finish). Also, in the living room you have an iMac for your family.
Everybody is allowed to tinker around with it even your five-year-old son. So, accidents can happen: “Look, daaaad! I put something in this trash can!” You have to use another laptop for work. This one is a Windows machine. There you store important business data, like contracts, addresses and other important documents. All in all, this makes three machines that you might currently not have a backup of. That is dangerous!
With SOS Online Backup you can backup up to five machines with the Cloud 5 plan.


  • Unbeatable speed
  • Files are kept forever
  • No file size/type limits
  • Unlimited data
  • Family plan covers up to five computers
  • Extremely redundant network
  • Backup to local drive


  • 15-day trial
  • Nonrefundable
  • Poor online help center
  • Limited help hours


SOS Online Backup Ratings

Accessibility: (Rating: 8/10)
Backups aren’t solely for computers anymore. SOS Online Backup offers an amazing deal for the computer-iPhone-tablet crowd. Even the personal plan, which covers just one computer, will also cover ALL of your mobile devices. This is the best scenario for mobile backups and can save a bundle, since personal plans start at $3.58/month with a three-year plan.
SOS Online Backup users can also back up five computers and an unlimited number of smartphones and tablets with the family plan. Unlimited personal and family backups are available for as little as $5.83 per month with a 24 month plan.
Backup: (Rating: 8/10)
It’s common for backup and syncing services to limit versioning to half a dozen versions or fewer. Perhaps the best feature SOS Online Backup offers is their unlimited versioning. Now, it doesn’t matter how far back users made a mistake with their files; they can recover them anyway.
SOS Online Backup has a similar policy for deleted files: if you delete a file on your computer, SOS Online Backup archives the file and holds it forever, unless it’s manually deleted. Most backup services permanently delete those files after 1 to 6 months.
Restore: (Rating: 8/10)
SOS Online Backup can restore from a local copy or the online version of the files. Redundancy is key to making sure files stick around forever, and the company knows this. In addition, with unlimited versioning and forever archives, restoring to the proper version of a file is a breeze.
Share: (Rating: 8/10)
This is another feature that should be offered with all cloud backup plans but isn’t. File sharing allows users to take advantage of the fact that all of their data is already in the cloud. Easily share whatever you want with relatives, friends, and the like. You can give them access to specific files from any device with Internet access.
 Sync: (Rating: 4/10)
This service has fairly basic syncing features, because it’s more of a “we might as well” feature. If you need to sync multiple devices in an efficient manner, look to SugarSync instead.
 Security: (Rating: 10/10)
SOS Online Backup offers end-to-end encryption similar to the methods used by banks and military agencies. They also have special UltraSafe Max accounts with additional security. With this kind of account, SOS goes above and beyond to ensure that only the account holder can access his or her files. The downside is that passwords are not recoverable, so if a Max account holder forgets the password, all of the data is gone forever.

What SOS Claims

Right on their website, in the ‘features’ section, SOS makes the following claim.
SOS typically backs up 1GB every 15 minutes (based on your Internet service provider or bandwidth).
Anyone with experience with cloud backups will tell you that 4GB an hour is staggering. That would mean that a customer with 100GB of data could back it all up in just over a day. Most other cloud backup providers claim to process up to 4GB a day, taking just over three weeks to complete a 100GB backup.

But What It Is Actually

Surprise! SOS did not get up to 4GB per hour, even in its own tests.  That being said, all of the signs indicate that SOS really is significantly faster than other cloud backup providers.
SOS: SOS performed an offsite test with a 20.2GB download. It was able to transfer the data in 23 hours and 29 minutes. That is less than 1GB per hour, although it is still quite fast.
In the same test, cloud backup provider Mozy transferred the data in 33 hours and 3 minutes. Carbonite, another competitor, was cited with an embarrassingly slow rate of 56 hours and 3 minutes for the download (about 1GB every three hours). However, since Carbonite recently geared up their speed and eliminated throttling, this is likely no longer applicable.
PCMag: PCMag is a big fan of SOS; the company awarded SOS an editor’s choice award four times, partially because of the speed factor. Their 2011 reviewer was able to complete a 10GB SOS backup in 6 hours and 30 minutes, for a rate of about 1.5GB per hour. That’s better than SOS’s performance in its own trial!
ComputerWorld: A ComputerWorld reviewer did a test with 22GB of data. In this case, SOS took 35 hours and 56 minutes – or about 0.6GB per hour. Ouch. To clarify, the test did occur in 2010, so it is possible that SOS was not quite up to speed back then.
GeekWorld: They didn’t post specific numbers, but GeekWorld claimed that in their tests, SOS performed the best of all of their reviewed companies. They also mentioned that SOS’s backup was a full 40% faster than Mozy’s.

Comparison of SOS Online Backup

Find out the performance comparison of SOS Online Backup, here.

Backup Speed & Performance

For many people backup speed is one of the top buying factors for an online backup service. In order to help you make your best decision possible, we provide you with an extensive speed test of the online backup services. Every time we test a service we use our test folder of 10 GB in size that consists of movies, photos, documents and other files. We try to resemble a typical backup scenario that a user, like you, might face.

How Speedy is SOS Online Backup?

SOS Online Backup completed our backup test with good speed. 10 GB were uploaded within eight hours after starting the backup. We do count the time from when the backup processes started and not when the files start transmitting to the company’s servers. So now you know how long it takes for 10 GB and you can calculate how long it would take you for 10 GB increments, say, 100GB.

SOS online backup Signup & Setup

SOS Online Backup makes it very easy to sign up. Basically, all you have to do is click on a big, green “Backup Now” button and you’re directly forwarded to the signup page. Unfortunately, they make it rather hard to find the 14-day free trial which is what we recommend.
After signing up through the website you can download the SOS Online Backup software client for Windows or Macintosh. This is a fairly light piece of software that you need in order to perform any backup task on your computer. You must have admin privileges to install and use it.

How to Backup Your Files with SOS Online Backup

Selecting Files: SOS Online Backup gives users the option to “scan all files.” The system will look through your whole computer and schedule backups for files that it thinks you will want to back up, such as music, pictures, and documents. Other file types (like system files) will be automatically excluded, but you can go through after the scan and select/deselect files as you please. You can also use the exclusions/inclusions feature to select all of certain types of files for backup (or not).
Alternately, you can choose to manually select all of the files you want backed up. However, since SOS Online Backup has unlimited home backups this is hardly necessary.
Scheduling Backups: There are a few different ways you can schedule SOS Online Backup backups. You can schedule an immediate backup, which will take place as soon as you trigger it. If you set the system to perform automatic backups, it will scan your computer for new information throughout the day and perform backups while you think about other things. You can choose how often you want these backups to occur: daily, weekly, monthly, and hourly are all options.
If you use Windows, you can also set SOS Online Backup to perform idle backups, which will take place while you are not using your computer.

How to Restore Files by Using SOS Online Backup

Choose Your Data: The first step to SOS’s restore process is choosing which data set you want to restore to. They have a convenient calendar on which you can select the date you want your data to be taken from. Next, you can choose the extent of the restore; this can range from all files to just a few.
Backup Location: Once you’ve chose what data you want, simply pick a place to back it up to. If you have a new computer, you can choose to download the data onto that new device, or you can put it back on the old one.

Final Verdict

So you have already come to know the good and bad about SOS online backup. In the section below a discussion will take place about the worthiness of the SOS Back Plans. It will help you to take a better decision.

Deal or no deal?

It is hard to do anything wrong with SOS online backup. Unless you want to backup terabytes of data you can safely choose SOS. If you have larger storage needs, you might want to have a look at  Sync.
SOS Online Backup backs up your files fast. It is one of the fastest online backup services we have tested so far. Also, restores are a breeze and equally fast. We love the unlimited file versioning feature, that gives you a lot of leeway when it comes to user errors. Doesn’t matter how often you save a document you can always revert back to a previous version.
Mobile access to your files is provided by an excellent iOS application that will be enough for most users. While you cannot preview files directly in the act you can share files directly via email.
Overall, we say: deal!

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